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Where do you want to go? Where should you go? I know I’ve considered visiting some place but can’t quite figure out where that some place should be. Maybe its halfway across the world or a few hours from your own home. Read through some of my stories from around the globe and perhaps one will inspire your next destination. Looking for something in particular? The best food in Roatan, where to stay in El Salvador — tell me what you’d like to know. Head on over to the contact page and shoot me an email. Find me on Facebook or Instagram and send me a message. I love hearing from others – whether your own suggestions or a question for me.


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Exploring the Galapagos

Exploring the Galapagos I’ve unofficially decided that June will be a month all about the Galapagos Islands. After combing through hours of footage, I realized I have a ton of things I can share. After making my Galapagos video, I had a number of people ask how exactly I got there. I hadn’t occurred to me that, while…

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